Transport Connection and Routes around the Hossa Nature Park

Transport Connection

The Hossa Natural Park is located in the northeast part of the Suomussalmi municipality not far from the Finnish-Russian border between the Viitostie and Suomussalmi road and the Murtovaara road (Route 843).

By car:

  • Traveling from the south, take Route 5 (E63) from Ämmänsaarie (Suomussalmi) and drive about 70 km north to Peranka. Turn right (Route 9190) and drive 25 km to Hossa road (Route 843). Turn left and drive 8 km north past the village of Hossa. Following the direction signs turn left to the Jatkosalmi road. The distance from the divarication to the tourist center is about 700 meters.
  • Traveling from the north, take Route 5 (E63) from Kuusamo and drive about 70 km south to Peranka. Then take the route described above.
  • Traveling from the north along the Murtovaara road (Route 8421), one gets to Route 843 and the distance to the site is about 20 km shorter than the distance at taking the route described above.
  • In order to reach the western part of the tourist zone, drive about 3 km along Road 5 and in order to reach it from the northern part Peranka drive along the Pistonlehto earth road.

By public transport:

  • The Kuusamo to Juntusranta bus service is available on weekdays (Monday-Friday). One should get off the bus at Hossa Tourist Center.
  • In order to get from Suomussalmi to Hossa one can take the bus running from Suomussalmi to Hossa Tourist Center but the service is only available during the school breaks.
  • Several bus trips a day along Road 5 are available to get from Kajaani (Suomussalmi) and Kuusamo to Peranka. There is a footpath leading from Peranka to the western part of the tourist zone where the Kukkuri hut is found. The distance is 9.5 km. In order to reach the tourist center from Peranka one should walk 38 km along the footpath.
  • The nearest railway station is in Kontiomäki (170 km).
  • The nearest airport is in Kuusamo (85 km).
  • The distance to the Kayani airport is 210 km.
  • Information on the bus timetable is available at +358 200 4000.
  • In addition, the information on the bus timetable is also available at the Hossa Tourist Center at +358 40 751 7221.


Transport Connection with the Vyarikallio Neolithic Rupestrian Drawings Site

The Vyarikallio neolithic rupestrian drawings are found in the Hossa natural Park area next to Someyarvi Lake.

By car:

  • Traveling from the Hossa tourist center, take the Jatkonsalmi road and drive about 3 km along it. Then turn to the earth road leading to Pisto. Drive 7 km along it and turn to the road leading to the Lihapyörre parking (2 km). You can get from the parking to Vyarikallio walking 8 km along the footpath.
  • In winter you can get to Vyarikallio from the Umpi-Valkeinen parking on skis. Turn left from the tourist center and ski about 3 km along the Jatkonsalmi road. Turn to the road leading to Pisto and ski about 4.5 km along it. The ski-track length from the parking to Vyarikallio and back is 13 km.

Public Transport

Public transport to reach the Vyarikallio neolithic rupestrian drawings site is not available. The nearest bus stop is found at the Hossa Tourist Center. To reach the site one should cover 15 km along the footpath or ski 29 km on the whole to get to the site and come back to the Hossa Tourist Center.

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