This group is one of the biggest Zalavruga petroglyph groups. The scene motifs are very interesting and the engravings’ condition is quite good. Petroglyphs belonging to this group as well as petroglyphs found in groups XXI-XXII were discovered during the excavation process on the southeast outskirt of the Zalavruga I settlement. On the whole, the engraving quality is high.


The group contains 8 scenes showing overland hunting and 4 scenes showing sea hunting. The similar petroglyph motifs are found in some other Zalavruga petroglyph groups. The image of a line found in the composition showing white whale five boat hunting is special as it has the length of more than 2 meters and stretches from the south to the north through the whole rock surface covered with engravings. The detailed images of people in motion are extremely expressive. The men are hunting birds, deer and meese or are hitting sea animals with harpoons from boats.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)