These petroglyphs were discovered during the excavation. They lied under 15–18 centimeter layer of soil containing the poorly resolved in terms of color cultural level of late Eneolithic settlement. Most of the images are in good condition but at the same time there are some damaged images in the group. The petroglyphs cover the rock surface of about 14 square meters. The group contains 91 engravings.


Mainly, the figures are joined into compositions but there are some separate images as well. The images of boats carrying rowers prevail in the group. One can also see some engravings showing chains of traces, a ski-track, forest animals (deer), birds and some circles and lines. The petroglyph showing people’s procession is the most interesting one. The motif analogues are found in New Zalavruga groups I, VIII-IX and XI.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)