The group is located on the Zalavruga northwest outskirt next to Old Zalavruga. The petroglyphs were discovered in 1964. They lied under the soil layer in the area located next to the exposed rock. The engravings are found just above the engravings registered by V. I. Ravdonikas under the name Old Zalavruga southern rock in 1936. The engravings cover the area of 4×7 meters.


Group XV contains 127 petroglyphs. More than 60 newly discovered petroglyphs were added to the group. The petroglyphs differ in their condition. Some of them got lost or blemished due to weathering and the engravings located in the upper slope area were damaged most of all. At the same time, most of the engravings can be seen quite clearly. Mainly, the petroglyphs belonging to the group show boats, people and their traces. The image of a river bed with its tributaries and islands is among the rare ones. There are very few complete petroglyph compositions in the group. There is a scene showing sea animal hunting and there are some scenes obviously showing some ritual actions such as people’s processions and dances. There are only a few separate forest animal images such as deer or moose images but some of them are really big and are engraved in true-to-life manner. All the petroglyphs belonging to the group might be linked with each another by the common subject. The similar engraving manner reflects the fact that all of them were probably made at the same time.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)