Scene «Bear Hunting»


The beast came down the upper rock area. A chain of its traces engraved in a row proves that. Then the bear stopped as it had smelt the hunters. One can see some pairs of traces and they are even bigger than the bear’s head. Three hunters attacked the bear from three sides. Two hunters have bows with arrows as well as quivers keeping arrows while one of them has a spear. The bowmen hit the bear’s neck, back and the haunch with two arrows. The hunter with a spear hit the bear’s belly. The bear bent its fore feet and inclined its head. The battle is over. All the figures are of about the same length. The bowmen and their game images have the length of 28 centimeters and the man with a spear image has the length of 20 centimeters. The composition is built perfectly. The bear occupies its central part and three hunters make a bit oblong triangle when their figures are connected with a line.