The group is identified as a group only conventionally as it is linked with the neighboring group XIII be a chain of single figures and compositions.It covers the area of about 9×2.5 square meters. The surface covered with engravings stretches northwestward — south eastwards and slightly slopes toward the south and west. The upper part of the area had been covered with a layer of thickly wooded fine grain warp sand before the excavation started in 1963–1968. The lower rock area was uncovered.It used to be the lakeside of Zalavruga meander lake. There are 109 engravings in the group. At least 30 of them were discovered recently. The southeast wing petroglyphs, which number is 71, extend for maximally 4 meters.


It is right here where extremely expressive scene of bear hunting is found. The northwest wing petroglyphs, which number is about 30, including several images unknown before, extend for 4.6 meters forming a quite narrow arched streak of engravings. Forest animals (deer) and a full face man images belong to newly discovered petroglyphs.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)