The group is located on the Zalavruga inshore slope and its condition is quite good. The engravings are found at the height of 15–15.4 meters above sea level. In ancient times, the images were located next to the water body and might have been covered with water during high water periods. The petroglyphs lied under the soil layer. There was exposed rock surface at the distance of three meters from them. Its color was dark due to lichen.


The engravings are located quite densely except for two petroglyphs found quite low and next to the water surface. They were discovered by N. V. Lobanova in 2012.

Such petroglyphs as deer images, their track images, images of men with or without bows, walking people and an image of a skier prevail in the group. The group contains the only Belomorsk petroglyph showing a life-like salmon available.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)