The group is located in the south highland area of the Zalavruga waterside slope. The rock surface covered with petroglyphs stretches 8 meters northward-southward and that segment has the width of 6 meters. The surface covered with petroglyphs is bent towards the waterside in the south-south-west direction and is quite rough and some segments of the rock looks pore.

There are 96 engravings in the area. Some previously unknown images have been discovered and the information on the petroglyphs has been updated. Petroglyphs are supposed to increase in their number in the future. The motifs are not very variable and the images are not big in size.


Mostly, the engravings belonging to that group show boats and some scenes of sea animal boat hunting. The group has the images of a big snake and water birds as well as some anthropomorphic images. All these images are considered to be quite rare. Moreover, the group includes the only bear image available.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)