The images cover the area of more than 40 square meters. There are three single rock sections having 94 figures (subgroups 1–3). The rock surface is mainly of light grey color with some pink shade. The poor rock condition generally causes the petroglyphs’ poor condition with minor exceptions of certain images kept in good condition.


The motifs of the scenes found in the group are quite various. One can see people, forest and sea animals, swimming birds and hunting equipment such as spears. The central composition shows group white whale boat hunting. There are six boats in the image. There are another 3 similar motifs but with one boat. The petroglyph with walking people is of great interest despite the fact that not each character can be seen clearly due to the rock potholes. The people holding some curved poles with wide ends are following each another. Another petroglyph with 2 groups of bears following each another is found interesting, too. Two images showing a kind of spears are found in the bottom area of the rock.

Area photo survey(All the group themes)