Erpin Pudas

Four petroglyph groups have been discovered on the island up to now. The first two groups were discovered in 1936 by an expedition organized by V. I. Ravdonikas. The third group which is the biggest one and contains more than 100 engravings was discovered by Yu. A. Savvateev in 1969-1970. The fourth group was discovered by N. V. Lobanova in 2008. The petroglyphs are in bad condition with some minor exceptions. They can be hardly seen on the rough weathered rock surface. Along with common deer and boat images the groups have some rare and unique engravings such as Onega boats, for example, or some very expressional scenes showing seals, swans, geese, a white whale man that might be a sea-god and some engravings called “Karelian Kamasutra”.

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